a short study on my friends and food

so i was on a long bus ride sitting next to Murray and i decided to send out a text into the atmosphere to some of my friends and acquaintances and get some much needed answers.

my text? “what would you eat for the last meal of your life?”

the ones that weren’t too important and busy with their tiny lives to answer said this…

jamie: pot roast and anything corn syrup that i miss

c murray: sushi

kansas: either some italian dish..lasagna or manacotti with french bread and a caesar salad. Or like a few hot dogs, mac n cheese and a soda

kaji: probably my grandmothers chow mein

c potter: prob moms meat loaf

bethany: depending on the way im dying probably nothing. otherwise, italian

tim downing: arsenic mashed potatoes

dan friesen: i’d eat a whole plate of my mothers lasagna and a lot of beer

shane: brick oven, new york style pizza

robert: My last meal would be a PBJ sandwich.

chris brown: lasagna, asparagus and something potent like onions

myself? id probably want baby back ribs with mashed potatoes from claim jumpers..that or chipotle.



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