staying hungry and thirsty

So much of my energy goes into retaining and knowing things. Trying to fill up my head with knowledge and my heart with Godly wisdom. It not that i think these things are bad in themselves but I’m beginning to ask myself why. I read the story the other night of Jesus healing some men who had leprosy and how only one of those men came back to thank him. It’s a story i know. So I closed my Bible and eyes and went to sleep. I think what I tend to do is fill myself up so much that i get bored with God. When his word is supposed to flow through me like a river, never filling but always rushing. Freely I am given so freely I should give. It’s almost like Gods starting to kick away the dam.

(Redemption came through a biography  that i haven’t read yet. I went to Powell’s and for some unknown reason wanted to look up books on DL Moody, a powerful man of God from the 1800’s. I found a book that was an old hardback and at least 300 yellow pages long so i picked it up. There was a newer version but i wanted to look more intellectual so i bought the old one. I realized as I walked out of the bookstore that I was reading to fill my head again and the book God had just placed in my hand was one of the most powerful Christian testimonies of our age about a man who poured himself out …)


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