My Grandma Died today..


She died this morning the first day of October. I spent the day trying to recall every memory I had with her and trying to relive the feelings that created those memories. I know she lived a long life but I wish she didn’t have to go. Jamie and I were planning on seeing and spending time with her a month from now in November. We would have gone out to breakfast and she would have made us dinner and told us about everything that had happened in the last year. Now it’s too late for that. The death of some one close to you is strange because the first thing that happens is you begin to experience regret which leads to sorrow. the moments like when she fell and broke her wrist on my 5th birthday and I continued to play with the police car she gave me as a present while my mom drove her to the hospital. How I should have called her more after I moved west just to tell her I miss her. I don’t want to live here though, in regret. I’d much rather thank God for her life and the way she impacted mine. Always caring, Always worrying, always always always loving. She was a great woman. I know a lot of people die everyday but I loved this one and I loved her a lot.


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