It’s 5:11 am and I’m waiting for my flight to board home to Portland so I thought I would write down some of my thoughts from being home in Cleveland. Even though burying my grandma was hard, it was incredible to spend time with my family and share memories of her and our times together. Ohio is gorgeous in the early fall as the leaves are just beginning to turn and the air cool so I spent as much time as I could soaking it in. I think what I tend to do is make appointments, see things and visit people out of an unseen obligation but this trip was different. I don’t know if it was the emotional exhaustion or the constant reflecting of the past but I just wanted see and be with the people I love and enjoy it. True to herself in life my grandmas death wasn’t a stress or burden to anyone. It was like her last gift to us to be able to reflect and remember and celebrate who she was peacefully and spend time together as a family. The thing about a life lived well is that even after it’s over it continues to spread contagiously. This is what she did to us. Even after her death she continues to bind our family together and bring us joy. I think the best way to be remembered isn’t just through some thoughts or pictoral memories but through the genuine life yours continues to produce.


One response to “ohio

  • Corrine

    We are so happy you were able to spend time with us, it really meant a lot to share laughs again and our zany wonderful memories. Abby feels cheated and is really looking forward to your next trip. I am so proud of who you are and what you have become and I will always love you. I know your Dad is beaming…

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