just jamie and a pond thats boiling

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2 responses to “just jamie and a pond thats boiling

  • Dad Brown

    Hey guys! That all looks so awesome! Thanks for the update. Holding down the fort back here in good old Washington State. Took Eddie for a little ride this morning. He played fetch with Zeke and Willow yesterday. Quite the trooper! All is well here. All of the guys (Jon, Steve, Andy, Dan and others (I think Joe, etc.) are coming over tonight for a hang out game night. Got down to 38 degrees this morning but the sun is out and the sky is blue today. Going down to the barn later to burn through some junk wood and Grandpa’s rakings. Gotta get ready for old man winter and finish up outside projects before settling inside for the rest of the year. You guys stay in touch and take care! I check both sites daily for updates.

    Love ya much!

    • johnnydriver

      hey! thank you for the update! Its been pretty chilly out here too, cant wait to get to the warm states but we’re still loving it. love you guys and miss you a lot. give eds a squeeze and everyone else a hug for us!

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