Roads and God

It’s feels so crazy that we’re taking this trip. It’s like I keep waking up realizing what we’re doing. I think to stand back and look at it with my my adult eyeballs it would seem really irresponsible and childish. But to see God’s beauty stretched out before us with nothing in mind but just soaking it in and falling in love with Him and my wife all over again. To me this is the most responsible thing i could do with my life right now. Im sitting in a coffee shop right now in Steamboat Springs, Colorado drinking an americano. Its incredible how much peace i’ve gained just unplugging myself from my routine and actively pursuing the face of God. I believe that God is putting us through a constant redemption process and his ways of doing that are beyond ours. I feel like this is part of that process for me. He is beginning to reengage me, showing me what’s important in life. Not what other people say is important. More that anything I want to enjoy life in all its fullness, I mean the fullness that God has written out specifically for me. See, I used to see things like this as just breaks from normal life, only now am I beginning to understand that THIS actually is life. Like being breathless at yellowstone, looking at about a billion stars blanketing the sky or driving through the painted mountains where every turn looks like its own interior decorator took to it or lakes that are still like skies or mountains so big they look like they’re gonna tip over on top of you. I’m in awe. It’s all there for our enjoyment. What’s crazy is all I want is for you to see what I’m seeing. I want to see people marvel at God like i am. He’s so big to hold those lights up there and yet he’s here. it’s almost ludicrous. You should do this too. It’s just as important as the normal stuff.

thats a herd of Buffalo

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4 responses to “Roads and God

  • erik sutten

    I think if you wrote a book about this concept… thousands would latch on… Though you’re short entry here is unique to you – its as beautiful or intensely sensitive as that of Don Miller. Love that you guys are seeing these things… Taking them in one second at a time.

  • mike keller

    i just heard some guy on wviz talking about that moment of awe in nature, how its really the basis of all prayer. its enough to break your spirit so decisively and so peacefully, but words absolutely cannot give this justice. I love what you wrote.

  • jer jones

    I love how travel and God’s majesty can awaken us. The heavens declare the works of his hands. Enjoy your journey my friend. May the Lord imprint you with a greater sense of your destiny and your identity in Him.

    Love you guys,

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