quiet spot on the road

We climbed some rocks today. It was amazing. We were sitting above everything and Colorado was sprawled out in front of us and it burned into my memory. The only thing that was up there was the feeling and the sound of the wind. There were no worries or problems sitting there above everyone, we somehow climbed away from them. everything was as simple and as gentle as the breeze from the west. I knew we had to climb back down at some point and drive and deal with life but for that moment its like God put me back on my charger until my red light turned green. I tried to write something down but the pronouns were out of place and the adjectives wrong all wrong so i just sat. There’s these moments when you cant do anything without forcing yourself. When you realize that God has been trying to get your attention and when he finally gets through nothing else matters.

georgetown colorado



One response to “quiet spot on the road

  • Dad Brown

    That last photo with the sign in it advertising The Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant, reminded mom and me how we used to do fondue many years ago. Especially cheese fondue with chunks of bread. Yum!! Also, I really like that first photo with the two of you together. Awww, so cute!!

    Keep knocking, keep asking, keep seeking and you will find…..

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