The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

chocolate frogs, owls, pumpkin juice, the monster book of monsters. this place was incredible. there were things moving and exploding everywhere and there’s hidden things easily looked over all around. even moaning mertyl was haunting the bathroom and the shadow of elves working in the kitchen. All of the shops from the books were included in hogs meade. I didnt get a lot of photos from inside the shops and castle because they were dark and purposely made to be crowded and small like the movies. the wand shops had boxes of wands all the way up the walls to like 20 feet. it was insane. I cant even begin to describe the inside of hogwarts except that they got it dead on. you even get to see dumbledore, harry, ron and hermoinie talk you with some crazy technology that makes it look like theyre right there. the forbidden journey of harry potter ride was probably the best thing i’ve ever been on too.

i cant even describe it anymore except to say its incredible, the attention to detail is spot on and everyone that likes harry potter should go.

yeah they moved and talked

more pics here

and heres a tour vid of the inside hogwarts:


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