35 states, 11,000 miles and 7 weeks later.

We’re back in Washington. I wanted to sit down and write a dissertation of what we saw and experienced but it seems almost pointless. Experience is this case will be the best description.. so you should go and see it for yourself. surround  yourself with things that are unfamiliar and beautiful. It really is a gorgeous country with breathtaking scenery and landscapes that change from state to state. The people  with their varied accents are kind and welcoming. Go see it and meet them. Seriously, don’t talk yourself out of it. It isn’t something that you’ll look back on and regret.

We went on this trip with the purpose in mind of gaining closeness as a couple and getting some direction in our lives. that God would begin to put things together and into perspective for us and lead us triumphantly into the future. It seems however that he has done more disassembling than assembling. I have taught that sometimes God needs to pull down our buildings to repair or rebuild our foundations. For us it was our house, car, money and job. for you? who knows. Its quite a task trying to push out fear and anxiety (which is easier to talk or teach about that actually do) But God has shown us through the years over and over that these things shouldn’t come into play because he is God. He has our backs and yours and he knows what it is that he is doing. One thing we are sure of is that God has a plan and the fact that things have changed and are changing is a testimony to his work in our lives. He is truly giving us a fresh start, everything has changed for us. Im so thankful that we are surrounded by such a great family and friends who love, support and encourage us and it give me a great boldness to move into the future.

We don’t know what is in store for us next but if its half as amazing as what we’ve seen and witnessed in the past 7 weeks then we have everything to look forward to.

greatful to be back


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