Disney World?

Although we have very little money the prospect of passing by Disney World on our way through Florida was weighing on us. We never really talked about it for fear of dampening our great trip but i could tell everytime we tried to plot our course and came to the southeastern most part of the US it was pulled to the front of both our minds …but we knew chances were grim.

On a hunch last week I decided to give Disney World himself a call, determined and in-hopes that we have some long forgotten tickets on file from a previous trip. I said a prayer, dialed and waited, mostly in silence, on the phone for 2 hours with a polite disney cast memeber who was exhausting all of our options to chance seeing any of the parks this year when all of the sudden she said, “wait..” My head felt fuzzy and i asked her to repeat herself as she told me that we had some non-expired tickets left over from a trip in 2007. On top of that a friend is letting us use a time share in Disney at no cost.

Disney World stop? thanks Jesus.


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There’s something about the east coast that makes you want to be smarter. Like i should go back to college or something. Maybe its the history that has taken place all around or how old everything is or all the ivy league schools or maybe its just the fall. I don’t know what it is exactly but i love it. it makes me feel like a philosopher. Everyone should visit up here in the fall, its incredible.

portland maine

mystic connecticut

road trip video pt.3

heres a short vid of mainly the cleveland part of our trip. i’m working on the northeast part now.

song is ‘bricks’ from my friend gordon’s band, the damn choir. it’s on itunes.

Orange Sky

I filmed this over my hometown (brook park) in cleveland ohio. It was nuts. I didn’t edit it or anything, ask jamie or my mom. I think its because the browns won and God is a cleveland browns fan. ok settled.

click the vid to watch it bigger!

road trip video pt.2

click for larger version. happy birthday.

The Greensburg Tornado

in 2007 95% of Greensburg Kansas was destroyed in the middle of the night by a category EF5, mile and a half wide tornado. The biggest recorded in history.

We passed through Greensburg. It’s really cool to see how through the will and determination of the people in Greensburg they have been able to rebuild it into a really amazing town reliant on green energy. There are still some amazing reminders of the tornado left as a contrast of what they went through and where they are now.


one of the only buildings that survived the tornado

new court house

the towns website


and a good documentary on the tornado

quiet spot on the road

We climbed some rocks today. It was amazing. We were sitting above everything and Colorado was sprawled out in front of us and it burned into my memory. The only thing that was up there was the feeling and the sound of the wind. There were no worries or problems sitting there above everyone, we somehow climbed away from them. everything was as simple and as gentle as the breeze from the west. I knew we had to climb back down at some point and drive and deal with life but for that moment its like God put me back on my charger until my red light turned green. I tried to write something down but the pronouns were out of place and the adjectives wrong all wrong so i just sat. There’s these moments when you cant do anything without forcing yourself. When you realize that God has been trying to get your attention and when he finally gets through nothing else matters.

georgetown colorado